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Welcome to Breughel group Nieuwkerke’s website!

Welcome to Breughel group Nieuwkerke’s website!

The Nieuwkerke Harmony was founded in the sixties and is a young and vibrant harmony, as we count quite a lot of young musicians among our ranks.

Kattenstoet Ypres 2018

Apart from our yearly Cecilia concert (at the end of November), we play around 10 street performances on average per year. We are welcome guests on folk processions, among other things, because of our Breughel costumes. On outings the harmony is always accompanied by the drum corps.

The harmony has 2 giants in its possession: Knight Jacques de la Douve and Father Breughel. Both giants are carried by two people. As the name suggests, Father Breughel has the same Breughel costume as the harmony and as such enjoys accompanying them on outings. The harmony provides fitting music for the giant to dance on.

Counting the drum corps and the people who carry the giants, the harmony has about 60 members. In case of formal occasions we also have gala uniforms.

Concert 2017